Yellowstone’s Taylor Sheridan Has One Actor He Just Can’t Help But Kill

Jordan also appeared — and then died — in both the “Yellowstone” prequel “1883” and crime drama “Mayor of Kingstown,” though he made it nearly to the end of a full season of both shows. In “1883,” Jordan played camp cook Cookie, who ends up shot through by arrows when the dwindling group of Westward-bound settlers cross Lakota territory. In “Mayor of Kingstown,” Jordan portrayed prison guard and total a-hole Ed Simmons, whose obvious hatred for the inmates under his purview ultimately led to his unceremonious death during a riot. Once again, Jordan is a Sheridan utility player, playing a very bad dude who dies bloody.

Aside from “Special Ops: Lioness,” Jordan has played at least one other Sheridan character who’s still alive: Steve Hendon, a livestock agent who works with the Duttons on the long-running series “Yellowstone.” Yes, that does mean that Jordan played two different characters in the “Yellowstone” universe, though bearded Cookie is unrecognizable compared to the more clean-cut cowboy he plays in the flagship series. Miraculously, Hendon hasn’t taken a visit to the train station yet, although with “Yellowstone” set to return sometime soon for the second half of season 5, there’s still time.

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