Why Did Lucy Spraggan Leave The X Factor? Answered

Want to know why Lucy Spraggan left The X Factor? The singer is at the top of the news as she shared her harrowing experience being in the TV music competition show. What happened to her?

Lucy Spraggan is a versatile British singer hailing from Canterbury, Kent. She rose to fame for being the contestant on The X Factor in 2012. Last month, she released her album: Balance. Did you listen to it? Some of Lucy Spraggan’s notable musical works are I Hope You Don’t Mind Me Writing, Today Was a Good Day, All I Want for Christmas Is You, Empire, Bodies, etc. 

Concerning Lucy Spraggan’s stint in The X Factor, she ended up making it to the ninth place. At the time of her departure from the show, she cited the reason to be her illness. Was that true? Partially, No. After several years, the exact reason came out, leaving everyone shocked. What was it? Here is what we know about why Lucy Spraggan left The X Factor. 

Why Did Lucy Spraggan Leave The X Factor?
Lucy Spraggan (Credits: Sky News)

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Reason Behind Lucy Spraggan Leaving The X Factor Revealed 

The major reason behind Lucy Spraggan leaving The X Factor was she got raped by a porter in a hotel. Based on her birth year, she was 20 years old back at that time. It all happened following a night out with the fellow contestants of The X Factor. Lucy Spraggan got carried out by a porter and accused him of sexually assaulting her.

Now, the reason she cited previously is that “illness” resulted from this incident. Lucy was advised to take pills to prevent HIV infection. It didn’t suit her, and she fell ill. If it was not Lucy Spraggan, then who won that particular season of The X Factor? It was James Arthur. 

Lucy Spraggan wanted to reveal the main reason behind her exit from The X Factor right at the time. But, she was threatened as it could jeopardize her music career. Well, nobody would want his or her career to get ruined. So, she was afraid too and didn’t open up. 

But, after several years, Lucy Spraggan realized that she needed to open up about what happened to her and how she was sexually harassed. She felt the need as it would help her to rebuild herself and move on in life. 

Why Did Lucy Spraggan Leave The X Factor?
Lucy Spraggan (Credits: Daily Record)

Concerning the incident, Lucy Spraggan was hanging out with her fellow contestants of The X Factor late at night in London. To be more particular, all were out for the celebration of Rylan Clark’s 25th birthday at Mayfair nightclub Mahiki.

Lucy Spraggan was offered free alcohol, following which she reportedly lost her senses. She was escorted back to her hotel by a member of the production team. That time, a porter offered her help and took her to the hotel room. The accused person had a keycard with which he unlocked her room and raped her. 

Following this incident, Lucy woke up the next day morning. She felt very much confused at the time. Lucy Spraggan knew that she was raped but hesitated to process that. So, she put her clothes on. Within a few hours, the porter was arrested. At the same time, the hotel staff was also arrested as he was aware of the porter’s plan. He pleaded guilty, too. 

At the time of Lucy Spraggan’s revealing the reason behind her exit from The X Factor, she shared that nobody asked her if she was okay. Nobody showed her support, except for the fact that she received financial support following the incident. On this note, Lucy said, “No one offered me rehabilitation or ongoing mental health treatment. I was on my own.”

Today, Lucy Spraggan is doing wonders with her musical works. She is indeed a fighter, and we are proud of her. Make sure to follow Lucy Spraggan on her Instagram account for more updates. 

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