Where You Can Watch Twilight Zone: The Movie

In 1983, almost 20 years after the original series had wrapped, “Twilight Zone: The Movie” arrived, complete with an anthology format to match its predecessor. Produced by Spielberg and John Landis, the movie includes segments directed by Landis, Spielberg, Joe Dante, and George Miller. Unfortunately, critical response was less than stellar, lying somewhere between the pit of man’s negativity and the summit of his praise. (That’s a “Twilight Zone” reference, by the way, not just a randomly overwrought sentence.)

“Twilight Zone: The Movie” is known as a cursed production, mainly for the horrific on-set accident that claimed the lives of actor Vic Morrow and child actors Renee Shin-Yi Chen and Myca Dinh Lee. It was a tragedy, and it’s impossible to separate this event from any discussions of the film. In fact, discussions of critical reception and box office performance are essentially meaningless, because this will always be the first thing anyone thinks of when hearing the title “Twilight Zone: The Movie.”

If you were one of those people who turned out to watch when the film first released, you might be in the mood for a revisit. Alternatively, perhaps you’ve heard of this cursed piece of popular media and are intrigued. Or maybe you’ve never even considered watching the movie, but find yourself finally intrigued enough to investigate. In any case, it might help to keep in mind while watching that the movie was originally supposed to have all of its disparate parts be interconnected, but the tragic accident led to changes that wiped that plan off the books.

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