Wednesday Funko POPs & Loungefly Bags Bring Jenna Ortega’s Goth Style Home

Considering the news about Funko having to toss tons of Funko POPs into a junkyard not too long ago, I think the company might be pulling back on just how many movie and TV characters get the vinyl figure treatment. After all, “Wednesday” has quite the ensemble of characters to choose from, but easily the most important are Wednesday and her new roommate Enid. And since Wednesday is the main character, she also gets a Funko Shop exclusive figure where she’s playing the cello.

I must say, I always like the subtle touches of Funko POP figures that manage to bring a character to life in a simple way. In this case, it’s the signature Funko POP’s eyes being given that unamused half-daze that Wednesday is known for sporting. Meanwhile, Enid has just a touch of her pink eyeshadow. 

The standard Wednesday Funko POP is $12 at Funko’s website, but since Wednesday with the cello and Enid are exclusive figures, they cost a bit more at $15 each.

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