The Continental Finally Addresses The Biggest Mystery Of The John Wick Universe

In the present day of the “Wick” franchise, the various comings and goings at the Continental hotel in New York occur without any interference from the outside world whatsoever. While most audiences probably never even had this cross their mind, some of the more logic-obsessed audience members out there might wonder how that’s even possible in a city with one of the most highly-funded police departments in the country. Well, “The Continental” creators Greg Coolidge, Kirk Ward, and Shawn Simmons apparently found this question worth answering in their prequel series.

Early on, we’re introduced to a key subplot that will reverberate throughout the episode (and the following two, as well). Detectives KD (Mishel Prada) and Mayhew (Jeremy Bobb) quickly find themselves caught up in a situation far more complicated than their own sexual history together. When an investigation into a local buyer of contraband leads KD right to the doorstep of the Continental itself, Mayhew recklessly breaks protocol to prevent his subordinate from physically entering the hotel grounds. His urgent warnings to her practically drip with innuendo about what actually goes on inside the secretive Flatiron Building, though he refuses to elaborate beyond the fact that they simply “…have no authority there.”

Naturally, KD disregards these orders and marches straight into the Continental anyway later on. Her inexperience is readily apparent to the trained killers all around her, making her stick out like a sore thumb and putting her in danger like no other scene in the “Wick” franchise has ever done to an outsider. Clearly, the local cops and probably even civilians in the surrounding area (a safe assumption, given the bodies that have a tendency of falling onto the streets below) know something shady is going on, but “The Continental” doesn’t stop there.

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