Roman Reigns’ plans for WWE Survivor Series after ignoring controversial massive botch that saw him lose

Roman Reigns was part of a huge controversy at Crown Jewel, which saw the referee count three but then ignore it. WWE has only one event left for the year – Survivor Series. One of the biggest events of the year, they have a lot to do in the build-up to it, but one of the biggest topics of conversations seems to be surrounding Reigns himself – or rather, his role at Survivor Series.

Reigns was pinned by LA Knight at Crown Jewel, but the referee and WWE as a whole have chosen to ignore it. Jimmy Uso’s interference at the event was set to see him put The Tribal Chief’s foot on the ropes, but he was a moment too late. The match went ahead as if there had not been a massive botch, and Reigns went on to win to retain the title.

Now, it appears that WWE still has no plans for Roman Reigns at Survivor Series. According to a report by BWE after the event, Reigns is still not scheduled for the show. Dave Meltzer has also previously reported that Reigns is not set for the show as of now.

However, BWE’s tweet did add that there were plans for a couple of surprises. Whether these surprises involve Reigns or not is not confirmed.

Fans will have to wait to see how Survivor Series pans out and whether the company decides to address the botch that shook the world at Crown Jewel.

Who do you think Roman Reigns will face next? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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