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Featured in the iconic movie Bohemian Rhapsody as Mary Austin, one of the main leads played by Lucy Boynton, fans of the band would know already that Mary was extremely close to Freddie Mercury, in real life, close enough to be by his side till his death. Let us tell you more about who Mary Austin is and what is her current net worth.

There was a time during the relationship when Freddie even asked her to marry him on stage in front of his fans which tells you all you need to know about their bond. The two met each other first in England in 1969, and it did not take long for them to fall in love despite their slight age gap. 

Though their relationship came to an end because of all of the confusion around his sexuality, she hung around and the two continued to be best friends till Freddie’s passing. The singer, who eventually came out as gay, has even admitted that nobody, another woman or a man, could take Mary’s place as the two shared immense trust and the love Freddie seemed to have for her, he could not have for anyone else.

Many thought that the two were soulmates considering he always kept her close, and she could not keep her marriage with other people on for very long. Mary Austin has two kids, named Jamie and Richard, with a painter called Piers Cameron, whom she never married though she did get wedded to Nick Holford, whom she divorced later.

She revealed the reason behind her divorce and concluded by saying that Mercury left such an impact on her and he became so important to her, that she could not find it in her to entertain others, except, of course, her kids. 

Freddie after his death revealed to have left a lot of his assets and estate to Mary, a big chunk of it, which she has decided to auction off. For the first time ever, fans will be able to get a glimpse of the art that Mercury collected, his costumes, equipment, instruments, and even, his handwritten lyrics are all going to be put up for fans to see and eventually, for them to be sold. 

Freddie Mercury with muse, Mary Austin (Credits: Vanity Fair)
Freddie Mercury with muse, Mary Austin (Credits: Vanity Fair)

Mary Austin’s Net Worth

Though it is not confirmed, Mary Austin’s assumed net worth is estimated to be around $115 million. Considering how close Mercury and Mary were, at the time of his death, the former had left to her a significant portion of his wealth. 

She got Freddie’s twenty-eight-bedroom encompassing London mansion, in which he actually lived at some point, and Mary continues to live there even now. A portion of Mercury’s worth went to her and the rest of it was divided between his family and those who worked for him including his assistant, his personal chef, and his driver at the moment.

Mary lived most of her life as a housewife, after Freddie’s death, and continued receiving around fifty percent of his royalties, though there is a chance this percentage could have gone up after the death of Mercury’s parents.

The mansion and his royalties are the main source of Mary’s high net worth. It should also be noted that at the time she inherited the gorgeous vastspread mansion, it was not empty at all. Instead, it was, and is, according to her, full of Mercury’s stuff, which she has kept just the way they were when he lived there.

But things have not been all that easy for her despite the wealth. Taking in such a huge amount from your dead best friend/lover is likely to be a constant reminder of their absence and a bit burdensome. But she has spent her life gratefully, thankful that she and her kids were well looked after and set for life. 

Mary Austin as played by Lucy Boynton in the film, Bohemian Rhapsody (Credits: Glamour)
Mary Austin as played by Lucy Boynton in the film, Bohemian Rhapsody (Credits: Glamour)

Though Mary has spent most of her life trapped inside that mansion away from the world, she is now over seventy years of age and has decided it to be the right time for her to open the mansion and let out its valuable for the world to see and buy. 

She revealed that she plans on auctioning off over fifteen hundred belongings of the star singer. Keeping her age in mind, she wishes to close this chapter of her life and wrap it up nicely, all the while taking care of things while she still can. 

In collaboration with Sotheby’s, she has planned an auction event called Freddie Mercury: A World of His Own. The exhibition and auction process is currently ongoing and will continue till the singer’s birthday, September 5th, which also would have been Mercury’s 77th birthday.

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