Mark Hamill And Bert Kreischer Are Topping Netflix Charts With A (Somewhat) True Story

Look, it doesn’t matter that New York Times‘ Glenn Kenny said that Bert Kreischer is “not a performer who can carry a movie.” It’s not a big deal that IndieWire‘s Christian Zilko said that anyone looking for any kind of literary substance from “The Machine” would “be better off just reading the nutrition facts on their Junior Mints box.” What matters is that the film has finally arrived on streaming, it’s proving quite popular. That’s how we measure success nowadays, right?!

At the time of writing, “The Machine” is the number one film on Netflix in the US, and according to FlixPatrol, it debuted in the top spot when it hit the streamer on September 24, 2023. As of now, there’s no international data, probably because there are multiple streaming licenses in place for foreign markets. But Stateside, “The Machine” is finally getting some recognition in what is yet another reminder that audiences aren’t really venturing out to the theater for anything more than a Barbenheimer-level event these days.

Even Tom Segura congratulated his friend, “plus sized actor” Bert Kreischer, on hitting the top spot on Netflix. It’s certainly impressive to see the film hit number one the day it dropped, with some other movies having to steadily work their way up the charts in order to claim the top prize. That said, Netflix viewing metrics don’t seem to mean much these days so who even knows what number one means any more. For now, Mark Hamill can say he wasn’t entirely right to regret co-starring in the movie before it even started filming.

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