Lower Decks Is Looking To Up Its Body Count In Season 4

There has been a continuing story arc throughout the current season of “Lower Decks” wherein alien vessels — out doing their own personal galactic business far away from the U.S.S. Cerritos — are attacked by a mysterious white UFO equipped with a ship-destroying phaser weapon. Already, Trekkies have seen the destruction of multiple starships, including a Klingon vessel previously seen in the episode “wej Duj” (October 7, 2021). This sort of multi-episode story arc is a new wrinkle for “Lower Decks,” a series that aspired to be episodic in the tradition of “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” Kelly noted the novelty of this structure, and how it is — excitingly — bringing death to the show in a new way. In a recent interview with Inverse, he said: 

“We really try to homage TNG in being more episodic. […] Meaning, that the through-line of our episodes is really just the characters’ progression and development. But yeah, this time there’s a new mystery through-line, and we’re getting to see two things happening in each episode. There’s this new overhanging threat. This ship showed up and destroyed a Klingon ship. Who is this? It’s not Starfleet. It’s some weird organic-shaped pearl-looking ship and we don’t what that is, or what alien made that.”

So far, that mysterious UFO has blown up a Klingon ship, a Romulan ship, and an Orion ship. The pattern is already clear, and Kelly notes that viewers are being warned not to get too attached to the characters in the UFO segments. “You’ll quickly learn,” he said, “after the first episode, maybe after the second, you’ll be like, uh-oh, our new victims.”

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