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What is Jane Slagsvol’s Net Worth? While Jimmy Buffett has made a name for himself with classic hits like Come Monday, the song was released back in 1974 as it was a smash hit and soon became one of Buffett’s first tracks to hit the Top 40 charts. It was later revealed that someone special was the inspiration behind the track.

Buffett has credited his wife, Jane Slagsvol, as being one of the driving forces behind the band’s change in their appearance, as Jane was the one who asked them to clean up their act.

Slagsvol reportedly wanted the band to look important before they made their much-awaited return to the stage. Not only that, but Jane even helped the band members to create a more classy style, which caught attention from 1977 onwards. Let us find out all about Jane Slagsvol’s Net Worth.

What Is Jane Slagsvol’s Net Worth?

Jane Slagsvol Net Worth is estimated to be something around $10 million. While not much is known about Jane Slagsvol’s life, the late singer Jimmy Buffett has credited his wife for several changes in his life while calling him the right girl in his memoir.

Jimmy Buffett recalled his brief separation from his wife while saying how he got separated from the right girl, as he also sold the boat and the house in Aspen and moved back to Key West while he started working the road and continued to make more records.

Jane Slagsvol’s Net Worth
What Is Jane Slagsvol Net Worth? (Credits: People)

Buffett recalled how he rented an apartment in Paris, went to Brazil for Carnival, and learned to fly, even went into therapy. He recalled making several changes as he remember flying all over the Caribbean while admitting how he almost got a second divorce and even moved to Malibu for more therapy.

However, Jane and Jimmy reconciled in 1991. The pair welcomed two children, namely Savannah Jane and Sarah Delaney. The pair later adopted a son named Cameron. 

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Where Did Jane Slagsvol And Jimmy Buffett Meet?

Jimmy Buffett had earlier recalled the very first moment when he met Jane as they crossed paths back in 1971 as they were both in Key West. Jane was a student at the University of South Carolina at the time, and she visited the town for her spring break vacation.

The popular artist further recalled that he was drinking at a bar when he first saw her and then again saw her the next night when Jane was wearing a long pink dress that made a lasting impression on him. As the two met and sparks flew, Jane soon decided to ditch school and move in with Jimmy. The two were later married in 1977, the same year that Slagsvol released his iconic hit track, Margaritaville.

Jane Slagsvol’s Net Worth
Jane Slagsvol With Jimmy Buffet (Credits: Closer Weekly)

Not only that, but Jane is said to be the inspiration behind Jimmy’s Come Monday, which he had written for Slagsvol, as she also made an appearance in the song’s music video. Jimmy Buffett once stated how his wife has the looks of Catherine Deneuve and the mind of Mr. Spock while saying how Jane has always been the voice of reason in his Peter Pan existence.

Were Jane And Jimmy Divorced?

Believe it or not, the pair faced a roadblock in their marital journey as they were briefly divorced for a while. Jane recalled how she had been with Jimmy since she was a child, and they were together through the craziest times, and how she didn’t have a clue who she was.

Jane revealed how she left and got over. However, it was not the end for the”Tampico Trauma” hitmaker and his ladylove. Buffett and Slagsvol again got remarried in 1991. The two remained happily married until the singer passed away in 2023.

Jimmy Buffett was earlier married for a brief period of time as the artist revealed how he signed a record deal, got married, and eventually moved to Nashville. Buffett was talking about his first marriage to his then-girlfriend, Margie Washichek. Washichek.

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