Is Marie In Gen V The Most Powerful Supe In The Boys Universe?

Initially it appeared as if Marie could control blood once it was out in the open, cutting her hands to create blood weapons with which to battle opponents. But then she saved someone injured by one of her supe companions messing around with his powers at a club by pushing the victim’s blood back into their body, which is pretty impressive. In episode 4, she also forced so much blood into the penis of her schoolmate Rufus (Alexander Calvert) that it explodes, resulting in one of the nastiest scenes in the franchise (and this is a franchise known for being especially not safe for work). There are also less violent aspects to her abilities, like when roommate Emma basically enlists her to be a human period tracker. She also senses blood clots, which leads to her discovery that the school has implanted trackers in the students. She even rips her little metallic tracker of her neck out using her blood powers, and it’s as gross as you’d expect. 

It seems like Marie is discovering new things about her own abilities all the time, and that’s confirmed by the villainous Dean Shetty (Shelley Conn) and Dr. Cardosa (Marco Pigossi), who runs things down in the secret underground supe lab known as “The Woods.” While discussing escaped “patient” Sam (Asa Germann), Dr. Cardosa tells Shetty that he wants to study Marie because she has more power than she knows as well as some of the most unique abilities they’ve ever seen. Shetty shuts him down, telling him that Marie has a benefactor who wants her kept out of The Woods. 

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