Is Kingsman 3 Still Happening With Taron Egerton, Or Will Eggsy Be Retired?

“Never Say Never Again” isn’t just the title of an “unofficial” James Bond film; it also seems to be Egerton and Vaughn’s prevailing philosophy when it comes to talking about “Kingsman 3.” Since the last time we saw him as Eggsy in 2017’s “The Golden Circle,” Egerton has settled into a groove as a character actor (even lighting up the screen with a performance that was shamefully ignored by the Academy as Elton John in “Rocketman”). Yet, as recently as an interview he gave to Collider in March 2023, Egerton stated that he has “every intention of playing Eggsy one more time.” He added:

“That was always what I thought I was committed to doing. It’s the role that made my name, so I suppose, in a way, I just want it to be absolutely right if we do it again, and I want the story to do justice to the part that really changed my life.”

Speaking to Radio Times that same month, Egerton reiterated that he’s not interested in doing “Kingsman 3” for the sake of it. “It feels weirdly like a long time ago now, ‘Kingsman.’ I would do it, but it would have to be not just about the concept,” he said. “There was a distorted coming-of-age, ‘My Fair Lady’ thing with that first film. He was very much a kid.” This might be the first time in human history someone has seriously compared “Kingsman” to “My Fair Lady,” but I do see his logic. The first “Kingsman” film was all about Eggsy evolving from a law-breaking lower-class ruffian into a suave member of high society armed with a finely-tailored suit and a never-ending supply of gadgets. (Also, remember what I mentioned earlier about these films’ pro-aristocracy tendencies?)

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