Irene Montero Video Viral, Who Is Spanish Politician Irene Montero?

A well-known personality Irene Montero is in the spotlight because of shocking news. Yes, she is in the headlines because of her viral video scandal. This news has created lots of questions at the present time. She has taken the position of Spain’s Minister of Equality and working on it since 13 January 2020. She is Pablo Iglesias’s partner. She has worked in the position of representative for Madrid in the Congress of Deputies since January 2016. She is known as a hardworking and talented woman. Read this article till the end to get important details about the news. Let’s continue the article.

Irene Montero video viral

Irene Montero Video Viral

She worked as the spokeswoman for the Congressional group Unidos Podemos-En Comn Podem-Galicia en Comn. But, this time she is not in the headlines because of the viral video she is grabbing the consideration of people because of her trending video. Netizens are taking full interest in her viral video topic. Yes, they are trying their possible effort to get the video, which has become a hot topic at the present time. Scroll this page and spend your little time getting the essential information about the viral video.

This is not clear that Pablo has tried to find the video from her memory bank, where a Complutense student has given encouragement to people to participate in the general strike, which was held against the José Luis Rodrguez Zapatero administration and it happened in 2010. She appears with a group of pals sitting on the grass next to an employment agency in the clip, which is associated with the union Comisiones Obreras. After this, a boy came to her and she asked him some questions “Who is he and what is he doing here”? He replies that they faced the decision of firing from their job without giving any pay and he is going to get four months of unemployment.” Shift your eyes to the next paragraph’s information.

Irene Montero video

Furthermore, we have shared lots of information about the matter, which was important to know. If we talk about her net worth let us tell you her net worth increased from 6,823 euros to 629,969 euros, and this information came out from the Official State Gazette. She has earned this amount from the start of her career in politics. Still, she is working amazingly and creating her reputed name among people. We believe in her hard work and her honesty. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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