How Golden Bachelor’s Susan Feels About Kris Jenner Comparisons

When it comes to how Susan Noles feels about those comparisons to Kris Jenner, this isn’t a case for the FBI.  

The Golden Bachelor contestant recently shared her reaction to fans saying she looks like The Kardashians matriarch, and (spoiler alert) she thinks it’s amazing, sweetie. 

“I would love to have lunch with her,” Susan exclusively told E! News. “I admired that woman for the last, I don’t know, 20 years. I have had this short, dark hair forever—maybe before Kris even came about.”

Although, this isn’t the first time she’s heard they bear a resemblance. 

“Everywhere I go, people [say] I remind them of her,” the wedding officiant from Pennsylvania continued. “‘Hey, did anybody ever tell you’—before it even comes out. My cousin Donna’s so sick of hearin’ it. I’ve heard it in Italy, I was in the Bahamas, I’m in Atlantic City, I’m at the gas station. Just when people look at me, they think of her. So, I love it, it’s a compliment to me, and I would love to be able to have lunch with her and just pick her brain a little bit. I think she’s a very intelligent woman, and I admire her.”

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