Former WWE Champion breaks character as The Rock returns on SmackDown

The Rock returned to WWE for the first time in almost four years this week on SmackDown, and Austin Theory was the man he opted to target. It seems that the latter could not help but break character despite being at the receiving end of The Great One’s jokes.

After Theory argued with Pat McAfee, The Great One lept to his defense, and it appears that standing in the shadow of The Rock was a bit too much for Theory, as the former went on to rinse him.

Several times throughout the segment, the camera went over to Theory, and he purposely hid his face because he couldn’t stop laughing. The Rock is a formidable star to be standing across the ring from, and it appears that Theory struggled to contain himself, which led to him being called an “A**hole” several times.

The former United States Champion was hit with a Spinebuster and then a People’s Elbow from The Rock before Pat McAfee went on to deliver his own People’s Elbow as well.

It’s unclear if this was just a segment done because The Rock was in the area or if Pat McAfee has now set up a rematch with Theory for whenever he decides to make his return to WWE.

Do you think Theory vs. McAfee will happen at Survivor Series? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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