Empower Advisory Group LLC Acquires Stake in Domino’s Pizza, Inc. Despite Revenue Shortfall, Analysts Remain Positive

On September 15, 2023, it was reported that Empower Advisory Group LLC has acquired a new stake in Domino’s Pizza, Inc. (NYSE:DPZ) during the first quarter. According to their recent Form 13F filing with the SEC, the company now owns 6,546 shares of Domino’s Pizza stock valued at approximately $2,177,000.

Domino’s Pizza recently released its quarterly earnings data on July 24th. For the quarter, they reported earnings per share (EPS) of $3.08, surpassing analysts’ consensus estimates of $3.06 by $0.02. However, the company’s revenue for the quarter was $1.02 billion, falling short of analysts’ expectations of $1.07 billion.

Despite lower revenue compared to the same quarter last year and a negative return on equity of 11.24%, Domino’s Pizza still managed to achieve a net margin of 10.49%. Looking ahead, equities research analysts anticipate that Domino’s Pizza will post EPS of 13.72 for the current fiscal year.

Various research analysts have provided their insights on Domino’s Pizza in recent reports. Oppenheimer raised their price objective on the company from $400.00 to $427 and gave an “outperform” rating in their research report on July 25th. Citigroup also increased their target price from $405 to $431 and assigned a “neutral” rating on July 24th.

Moreover, Royal Bank of Canada raised their target price from $440 to $460 and gave an “outperform” rating on August 30th whereas Wells Fargo & Company increased theirs from $310 to $375 in a report issued on July 13th. Lastly, Robert W. Baird lifted their target price from $360 to $390 in a report also released on July 25th.

Overall, reveals that analysts have given Domino’s Pizza a consensus rating of “Hold” with an average target price of $396.14. This feedback comes from one sell rating, thirteen hold ratings, and fourteen buy ratings.

In conclusion, Empower Advisory Group LLC has made a significant investment in Domino’s Pizza, Inc. by acquiring thousands of shares. Although the company’s recent revenue fell short of expectations, research analysts are still positive about its future potential, with some raising their target prices and providing “outperform” ratings. Investors should closely monitor any further developments regarding Domino’s Pizza to make informed decisions related to this stock.

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Shareholder Activity and Analyst Insights on Domino’s Pizza as of September 15, 2023

As of September 15, 2023, several hedge funds and institutional investors have made significant changes to their holdings in Domino’s Pizza, a leading restaurant operator. Among them, MV Capital Management Inc. saw its position in the company grow by a staggering 281.0% during the first quarter. The firm now owns 80 shares of Domino’s Pizza stock worth $26,000 after acquiring an additional 59 shares.

GPS Wealth Strategies Group LLC also entered the scene during the first quarter by purchasing a new position in Domino’s Pizza valued at approximately $30,000. Similarly, KB Financial Partners LLC acquired a new position during the same period with an estimated value of about $32,000. Lastly, OLD Mission Capital LLC became a shareholder of Domino’s Pizza during the fourth quarter with a purchase valued at around $42,000.

Moreover, Private Trust Co. NA joined the ranks of institutional investors by increasing its stake in Domino’s Pizza by 58.8% during the first quarter. The firm now holds 135 shares of the company’s stock valued at $45,000 after acquiring an additional 50 shares.

It is worth noting that institutional investors make up a significant majority ownership of Domino’s Pizza, with approximately 92.27% of the company’s stock being held by these entities.

In terms of stock performance on Friday, DPZ opened at $399.07 per share. The company currently maintains a 50-day simple moving average of $388.56 and a 200-day simple moving average of $340.97.

With regards to its market capitalization, Domino’s Pizza stands at approximately $14 billion as of September 15th. Its price-to-earnings ratio is reported to be 30.16 while boasting a P/E/G ratio at around 2.19 and a beta value of 0.85.

Over recent months, research analysts have provided various insights on DPZ shares. Oppenheimer, for example, expressed optimism by raising their price target from $400 to $427 and giving the company an “outperform” rating in a research report released on July 25th. Citigroup also raised its target price on Domino’s Pizza shares from $405 to $431 but maintained a “neutral” rating on the stock.

Royal Bank of Canada shared a similar sentiment with an “outperform” rating while increasing the target price from $440 to $460 on August 30th. Wells Fargo & Company, meanwhile, lifted its target price on DPZ from $310 to $375.

Despite some positive outlooks, one investment analyst expressed a less favorable view of the stock, issuing a “sell” rating. However, it is important to note that most analysts have given Domino’s Pizza a “hold” consensus rating, with an average target price of around $396.14 based on data from

On another note, Domino’s Pizza recently announced a quarterly dividend payment scheduled for Friday, September 29th. Stockholders who held shares as of September 15th will receive a dividend of $1.21 per share. This represents an annualized dividend of $4.84 and yields approximately 1.21%. The ex-dividend date for this payment was set for September 14th.

In other news related to the company, Executive Vice President Cynthia A. Headen sold 382 shares of Domino’s Pizza stock in July at an average price of $400 per share, resulting in a total value of $152,800. With this sale concluded, Headen now owns 4,333 shares worth roughly $1,733,200.

As disclosed in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), insiders have collectively sold 427 shares valued at approximately $170,095 over the past three months. Currently, insiders hold ownership of 0.76% of the company’s stock.

This information has been sourced from a variety of reputable sources and provides an overview of recent developments in Domino’s Pizza and its shareholder activity. As with any investment decision, it is essential for individuals to conduct thorough research and seek professional advice before making any financial commitments.

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