Delta SkyMiles, Sky Club Changes Enrage Customers

  • Delta is making big changes to its SkyMiles program — and many frequent flyers aren’t happy. 
  • Some flyers said on social media that they’re switching airlines as a result. 
  • The changes were based on customer feedback, a Delta spokesperson said.

Delta Air Lines recently unveiled a significant overhaul of its SkyMiles loyalty program, triggering a swift and vocal reaction from disappointed travelers on social media.

Starting in 2024, SkyMiles members will no longer be able to earn loyalty status through the number of miles flown. Instead, status will be calculated based on the amount of money customers spend. To add fuel to the fire, the airline also increased the amount of money customers are required to spend in order to reach Medallion status.

Upset customers say the changes make it more difficult — and more expensive — for people to obtain the benefits of elite status, such as complimentary seat upgrades or waived baggage fees. And they haven’t been shy about sharing their discontent on social media.

One Reddit user described the change as the “biggest middle finger yet.”

“I’ve been loyal to this brand for a decade now. And they’ve flushed my loyalty down the toilet,” the user wrote on Thursday.

As another Reddit user candidly put it: “These recent changes are an absolute ‘f – – k you’ to every remotely loyal customer you had.”

Insider was not able to independently verify the identities of the users.

In a press release, Delta said the changes were meant to simplify the program and offer new ways for customers to reach status levels. They were based on customer and employee feedback, a spokesperson told Insider.

But the overhaul has already proven so contentious that some customers say they play to switch airline loyalties as a result.

“With Delta’s upcoming SkyMiles changes it is clear that loyalty isn’t bidirectional,” tech executive Randall Hunt wrote Wednesday evening on X. “Luckily we can vote with our dollars. I’m excited to try some new airlines soon!”

Another X user, who said they are a Delta credit card holder who has been a loyal flyer on the airline for over 10 years, expressed similar frustration.

“We are already paying a premium to fly Delta,” the user wrote Thursday. “I will be giving my business elsewhere.”

In addition to the SkyMiles overhaul, Delta is also placing limits on the number of times some members are allowed to access the airline’s Sky Clubs. And if you have a basic economy ticket, you won’t be allowed to access the clubs at all, unless you have a qualifying American Express card.

One Reddit user went as far as to say that they’re considering quitting their job, which requires them to fly almost every week, because of Delta’s recent changes.

“All is this means my job is about to get miserable,” they wrote on Wednesday. “The most redeeming part of traveling for work was that I built my loyalty and in return, the airline treated me well and gave me enough perks to survive this job.”

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