Dane Cook Marries Kelsi Taylor in Hawaiian Wedding Ceremony

And while the two lovebirds are looking forward to happily ever after, that doesn’t mean they haven’t been faced with haters.

Last October, Dane addressed his age gap with Kelsi head-on. “If we can’t laugh at it,” he exclusively told E! News at the time, “then nobody else is allowed.”

In fact, he revealed that Kelsi encouraged him to include material about their relationship in his special Dane Cook: Above It All.

“She saw everything that I was working on for the show,” he shared. “And she was like, ‘Keep that in. I think that part will be great.’ There’s even some fun at our own expense.”

He had even started practicing married jokes on his then-fiancée.

“She got the exclusive,” he told E!. “We tried it out and she said, ‘I approve of that. That’s a good one.'”

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