Craig Conover Confirms Filming With Kathryn Dennis For Season 9 & Hopes She Returns To Season 10 Cast — BravoCon – Deadline

One notable personality missing from BravoCon this year was Kathryn Dennis from Southern Charm who announced her exit from the show at the top of 2023 and ahead of filming for Season 9.

Dennis was an OG cast member of the Bravo reality series since the show premiered on the cable network in 2014 and attended last year’s convention in NYC.

During a panel for the reality series, Dennis’ absence was acknowledged and Craig Conover confirmed news that his former co-star filmed with him for the current season airing now on Bravo but wasn’t sure if it would make the cut.

“We love Kathryn,” Conover said during the three-day event on Sunday afternoon. “Kathryn is an integral part of this show. Shep [Rose] and I actually filmed with her this year. I don’t think it was supposed to happen but we did it and I think they did it as a favor to us because we love her so much. I hope we get to see it — we probably won’t.”

Conover said that he hopes Dennis returns to Southern Charm in the future adding, “We would love for her to come back. I think the door is always open. I think she’s working on herself and has a lot of work that she has to do before she comes back but I hope she’s doing well.”

Rose chimed in reminding everyone that Dennis was only 21 when the show started adding, “We have grown up [and] we’ve all come a long way and you’ve seen the bumps and the bruises. Unfortunately, Kathryn stumbles sometimes. We do love her because there’s a person inside her that we know is a good person.”

Craig would note that Dennis “wished she was here with all of you more than anything.”

“Our goal is for next year that she comes back and gets to see you guys,” Craig said.

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