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Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour (Unrated)

Swift’s unparalleled tour slays on-screen; some swearing.

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” brings Taylor Swift’s hugely popular concert to millions more fans, offering almost three hours’ worth of footage from the sold-out tour. Swift lets the songs from each of the 10 distinct eras of her career (to date) take viewers on a unifying, joyous and somehow delicately intimate musical journey. Iffy content is minimal: Expect occasional suggestive dance moves (and slightly revealing costumes) and lyrics/performances that include swear words (“f—,” “s—,” “goddamn” and “b—-”) and reference drinking and implied drug use (“doing lines”). (168 minutes)

Killers of the Flower Moon (R)

Masterful American epic about greed, violence and racism.

Killers of the Flower Moon” is a powerful, epic crime drama by director Martin Scorsese that stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro. It’s based on the true story of Osage Nation people who become wealthy after discovering oil — and the unscrupulous White people who then try to take it from them. Violence is frequent and can be intense: Expect guns and shooting, many deaths (both violently and from illness), gory dead bodies, blood spatters, explosions, abductions, beatings, suggestions of sexual threat and more. There’s also a lot of racist behavior, including White doctors giving poison to Native American characters in the guise of medicine. There’s frequent drinking (whiskey and moonshine), regular cigarette smoking and a reference to cocaine. Language includes several uses of “f—,” “s—,” “goddamn” and “b—-,” plus a version of the n-word. There’s passionate kissing and some sex-related dialogue. (206 minutes)

Jessica’s Big Little World (TV-Y)

Engaging “Craig of the Creek” spinoff good for young sibs.

Jessica’s Big Little World” is an energetic and endearing spinoff of “Craig of the Creek that’s meant for younger viewers. The main character, Jessica (voice of Lucia Cunningham), is young enough that she needs supervision to do her bedtime routine but old enough that she wants to go to the big-kid playground. At home, Jessica imagines her future self as a larger-than-life entertainer who shows up in the bathroom mirror holding a microphone. The role models in this show are loving and honest, encouraging Jessica to persevere in her quest to become independent. Jessica’s diverse community makes everyone feel welcome. Character strengths demonstrated on the show include courage and communication. (13 12-minute episodes)

Available on Cartoon Network.

Compelling footballer documentary has cursing, brands and heart.

Beckham” is a docuseries that chronicles the career of footballer David Beckham. There’s some cursing (“a–,” “f—,” etc.) and occasional drinking and smoking, and people have conversations about romance, pregnancy and infidelity. Bullying, mental health and death threats are discussed, and footage of professional matches shows players being tripped, kicked and pushed. You can also expect to see lots of sports logos, magazine covers and other media showcasing the Beckham brand. People demonstrate perseverance and gratitude. (Four roughly hour-long episodes)

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