British woman explains why she hates Australia and wants to leave as soon as she can: ‘Worst country on earth’

A British woman has labelled Australia the ‘worst country on earth’ during an unhinged rant online – and will write a book about her terrible time down under.

Writer and former schoolteacher Sabrina ‘Bree’ Collins, who moved from the UK to Queensland, uploaded a video to social media about her experience living in Australia.  

‘Australia has destroyed everything that I was before I came here and there’s so much that’s happened while I’ve here but it’s not safe to go public with everything that’s happened to me,’ she began.

‘When you’re a British woman on the other side of the world, you’ve really got to sit down and think was it worth it? 

‘If you’re a British person sat home in the UK and you’re wondering about this fantastic life you could have in Australia, you need to know a few things first.’

Ms Collins went on to label Australia as ‘very sexist’, ‘abusive’, ‘isolated’ and ‘behind’.

‘The internet is like really behind, technology is behind.

‘When you are in Australia you feel really, really isolated. You feel like you’re stuck in the 1980s, and if you’re a woman it’s even worse,’ she said.

‘And I know loads of people are going to contradict what I’m saying and say, ‘I’m living a fantastic life in Australia’.’

‘Well look at me, look at my CV, look at all my accomplishments before I moved out to Australia, and look at the way I’ve been treated. ‘

She claimedthat her career as a schoolteacher had been ruined due to the abuse she received, and as a result, she now feels too frightened to set foot in a school in Australia. 

‘And that’s why I cannot see a purpose or reason to stay in Australia.’ 

She expresses her wish to move to a ‘more progressive country’, and lists the US as a potential option.

She then hopes to write a book about her experiences in Australia. 

‘I want to get out of this country as soon as I can, and I want to write my book and start a new life somewhere else,’ she added. 

Ms Collins’s rant was not well received, with many Aussies urging her to leave.

‘Please leave.. and don’t trash my country. I’ve seen yours and you all come over for many reasons,’ one Aussie said.

Another said: ‘Don’t let the door hit you on your way out missy!! Bye Felicia.’

‘UK is far more worse than Australia mate. Have lived in both countries here is lot lot better,’ commented a third.

‘I have a feeling no matter what county you came from you would still get the same reactions. it’s more your personality rather than nationally,’ another added. 

Some users pointed out how Ms Collins was living up to the British stereotype of a ‘whinging pom’.

Others joked about how she considered the US to be safer and more progressive than Australia.

‘I think your going to exactly the right place for you. You’ll find the schools are really safe and the police…very safe country for women,’ said one. 

‘Oh, boo hoo. Please move. As an American, it’s way more backwards than Australia,’ wrote a second. 

Ms Collins was featured in headlines across the country in 2021 over her relationship with dating app enthusiast Gable Tostee, now known as Eric Thomas.

Ms Collins labels Australia as 'very sexist', 'abusive', 'isolated' and 'behind' and claimed she had been constantly abused and threatened by people

Ms Collins labels Australia as ‘very sexist’, ‘abusive’, ‘isolated’ and ‘behind’ and claimed she had been constantly abused and threatened by people

Mr Tostee was cleared of murder after Tinder date Warriena Wright, 26, plummeted 14 floors from his unit balcony on the Gold Coast in 2014.

Ms Collins and Mr Tostee were a couple for a short period and later became ‘friends’, according to Ms Collins, but the relationship soured when she was contacted by an alleged friend of Tostee’s who left menacing voicemail messages.

The abusive messages called her a ‘f***ing disgusting psycho bitch’, a ‘pathetic cow’, an ‘obsessed loser’ and accused her of being on meth.

One ended: ‘Have a nice life, f***ing psycho, feel free to neck yourself.’

The unnamed woman added: ‘You are no one to him and that’s exactly why he blocked your psycho f***(en a**e,’ 

Ms Collins said she had got into an argument with the woman and called in police over the messages, but the fight continued online with Mr Tostee himself.

‘If you don’t cease this, I and [his female friend] will pursue criminal charges. At the very least I’ll report your actions to dept of education. I do not care about you, I am not interested, never will be. It’s weird and creepy,’ he told her.

Queensland Police said there was insufficient evidence to proceed with a criminal complaint in relation to the messages sent to Ms Collins.

Ms Collins claimed she also received messages from Mr Tostee threatening court action and reporting her to her bosses.

He branded Ms Collins as ‘delusional’, denied her claims and lambasted her for ‘obsessing’ over him. 

Last year, another British woman copped backlash after sharing a long list of the pros and cons of each country. 

‘Just came back from the UK and am feeling, so jet lagged and homesick,’ Deborah wrote.

‘Was up at 1:30 this morning writing a pros and cons list as feel so flat after a lovely time in the UK summer.’

Deborah posted a pros and cons list of living in Australia and the UK to a Facebook group for 'people thinking about moving back to the UK

Deborah posted a pros and cons list of living in Australia and the UK to a Facebook group for ‘people thinking about moving back to the UK

Deborah split the page down the middle and wrote the pros for both countries first.

Pros for the UK included family, beautiful countryside, supermarkets, country cottages, school friends, universities, history, close to Europe, more fun things for kids, chocolate, Christmas atmosphere, pretty market towns and pubs.

Meanwhile, more space, more opportunities for kids, low unemployment rate, higher pay, schools, second safest country to live in, restaurants, everything is on her doorstep, low population density, less public debt, strong economy, greater life expectancy, delicious tap water and outdoor pools topped Australia’s pros list.

Unsurprisingly, Australia’s pros list included sun all year round, beautiful beaches, low pollution and happy people.

Deborah wrote 11 cons for Australia – two more than the UK – including that it’s boring, so far away, lack of history, rubbish supermarkets, bad chocolate, bushfires, expensive, slow internet, everything wants to kill you, shopping is not as fun/as good and crumpets are so bad.

The UK’s con list was made up of tap water being horrid, motorways gridlocked, cold and miserable most of the year, driving standards, have to travel hours for a concert/airport, hospital wait times, outside London restaurants are no comparison to Oz and political unrest.

She told Daily Mail Australia the items on the lists were thoughts and ‘nothing is wrong or right.’

‘I love Australia for the ‘no worries’ attitude,’ Deborah said.

‘Australia is an amazing country with amazing opportunities, beautiful rainforests, oceans and beaches and fantastic wine.’

‘Unfortunately, what Australia does lack is prawn cocktail crisps, chocolate that tastes good and above all, proper crumpets!’

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