Blue Lock Chapter 232 Spoilers & Raw Scans: Hiori’s Egoist Form!

Blue Lock Chapter 232 Spoilers and raw Scans have leaked on the internet, showing Ubers and Bastard Munchen’s player going all out to score the last goal to decide the result of the match. The match is now at the end game, and everyone has their eyes on the ball.

Finally, we got to see Hiori in his egoist form and get excited to play football. No one is as excited as Hiori in the field. It is the first time he has enjoyed playing football. The Ubers are still revolving around Barou and letting him score the final goal to make them victorious. We didn’t get to see much of Isagi in the chapter. Now let’s get to the spoilers.

Blue Lock Chapter 232 Release Date
Isagi Yoichi (Credits:@thetowhornedone on Twitter)

Blue Lock Chapter 232 Spoilers & Raw Scans

The chapter starts with a color page featuring Hiori. The match once again resumes. Kaiser gets control over the ball and toward Ubers’ goal post. As Kaiser started to move, Barou chased him to steal the ball. Barou tells him to look at him by calling Kaiser, a “Blue rose tattoo guy.” Kaiser tells him not to get cocky.

Kaiser then passed to Ness and made a formation of two to get past Uber’s defense. After receiving the pass from Kaiser, Ness thinks that Barou came directly to the press, which is different from before, so he decides to lure him.

Kaiser on the Move!

Ness dribbles to get past Sendou and Draco. Barou shouts, “Sandwich him.” However, it was too late to do anything, and Ness passed the ball to Kaiser before they could steal it from him. Kaiser maintains his flow and gets past the Uber defense. Everyone from Ubers noticed that Kaiser has chosen to go solo without relying on others.

Niko tells his teammates not to let Kaiser shoot. Grim called out to Kaiser for a pass, but Kaiser ignored him. Kaiser was trying to find a short course to shoot so that Isagi couldn’t predict it. Kaiser kicked the ball to score, but Lorenzo saw through his goal and stopped it with his face. The ball is loose again.

Isagi Lost to Aiku!

Next, we see Isagi. It seems like he predicted this was going to happen. He ran towards the ball since if he grabbed it at the shortest distance to the landing point, it would be his big chance. On the Contrary, before Isagi could get the ball, Aiku was already there to receive it. Aiku passed it to the other player. The ball went where Hiori and other Ubers’ players were.

Hiroi tells Isagi he can see the same thing as him. Isagi gets reviled after seeing Hiroi near the ball. However, Before Hiroi could get hold of the ball, Barou took it away. After seeing Barou near the ball, Isagi starts analyzing the situation. He noticed that Ubers were acting different from before.

Barou Aims to Become the Strongest in the World!

He knew that Ubers were following Barou’s movement. Isagi knows Barou very well, so he knows Barou won’t take the goal that is fed to him. To prove to the world that he is the strongest in the Neo-Egoist league, Barou will do what he likes in order to get a goal. Niko then successfully stole the ball from Hiroi and went straight to the goalpost.

Niko was following around Barou, waiting for his order to pass. Barou tells Lorenzo to shut up and follow what he does. He was going to score a Golazo, the first in the Neo Egoist League, and prove to the world that is the strongest.

Hiori’s Egoist Form!

Hiori was impressed by Ubers’ playing style, but he was unable to get into the game. However, he was getting chills playing in the Neo-Egoist league. He wondered if that is how it feels to be world-class. For the first time in his life, Hiori was enjoying playing football.

Isagi called for Hori so they could work on their formation. The chapter ends with Hiori going into Ego mode. For the first time, Hiroi experiences world-class scores at a higher level. He leads his ego by heading to the goalpost.

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