Apple Arcade: Every New Game Arriving in September

Apple Arcade, a CNET Editors’ Choice award pick, offers hundreds of games you can play for just $5 a month (£5, AU$8). The service has familiar and classic games, as well as exclusive titles. You can find many of these games in the App Store, but there they have paywalls and ads that might hinder your gaming experience. With an Apple Arcade subscription, you can play each game without paywalls and ads.

Here are the games Apple Arcade is adding in September.

Japanese Rural Life Adventure

Developer: Game Start
Release date: Sept. 15

A top-down view of a Japanese garden with cherry blossom trees, a pond and a walking path made of stones


Farm, fish and explore the changing season in Japan in this cozy-life simulator. This game lets you enjoy traditional Japanese festivals, like the Hatsumōde and Tsukimi, make friends with your neighbors and enjoy a rural adventure.


Developer: Ironhide Game Studio
Release date: Sept. 22

A desert environment showing characters running and about to fight


Fans of tower defense games, like Plants vs. Zombies, will likely enjoy this game. Junkworld throws you into a post-apocalyptic world where you have to deploy towers, gadgets and special forces units to defend your clan.

Cypher 007

Developer: Tilting Point
Release date: Sept. 29

A man whose face is hidden by shadows standing in front of an arched hallway


Take on the role of James Bond and relive some of his most iconic moments and adventures from his career in this game. Ernst Blofeld, the head of Spectre and Bond’s arch nemesis, has captured Bond and is attempting to brainwash him. You’ll have to gather intel, uncover secrets and more to stop Blofeld and Spectre once and for all.

Which games are being updated in September? 

Games released in September


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