Amazon Is Knocking Almost $800 Off This Stunning 65-Inch Mini-LED TV

There’s no better upgrade to your home theater than a big-screen TV, and this 65-inch TCL model is not only big but also packed with features that make it very versatile. While it does usually cost a pretty penny at $1,700, Amazon has massively discounted it down to just $901. While it’s still not a budget TV by any means, you’ll see below why it commands a premium price.

The TCL QM8 implements mini-LED technology, which is very similar to traditional LEDs, except it uses millions of tiny LEDs that can be controlled more granularly. That gives the panel a much better overall brightness and contrast ratio while keeping costs down compared to an OLED panel. The image fidelity is also made better by the HDR tech the TCL QM8 supports, including HDR10, HDR10 Plus and HLG. If you’re unfamiliar with that last one, HLG is an HDR standard used by some broadcasters, especially in sports, so if you love watching them, you’ll be able to see them in HDR, a nifty feature.

Another thing that makes the TCL QM8 an excellent TV for action-packed content is the 120Hz base refresh rate. More frames mean a smoother overall experience, and unlike motion smoothening technology, having a high base refresh rate doesn’t give a strange feel that puts some people off. The higher base refresh rate also makes this an excellent TV if you’re gaming on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, or a high-end gaming PC.

As for the smart TV platform, the TCL QM8 uses Google TV, which is excellent if you’re in the Google ecosystem, although you can change that by grabbing a streaming device from another brand. And if you feel that the TCL QM8 is still a bit too pricey, there are some other great TV deals you can check out.

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