Ahsoka Episode 5 Is Quietly All About The Most Bizarre Planet From The Clone Wars

The Force is a metaphor, and it has been since the beginning of “Star Wars.” It is something that exists in all living things, and it moves in mysterious ways. Sensing the future, reliving the past, obtaining immortality, all these things are possible in the Force. And so often, the Force itself is seen as a metaphor within the “Star Wars” universe too. 

In the third season of “The Clone Wars”, Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka are transported to Mortis, a mysterious and bizarre planet that is actually a nexus of the Force. If you can imagine the metaphorical visions Luke had in the dark side cave on Dagobah, imagine an entire planet of such metaphorical visions. 

On Mortis, they meet metaphorical representations of the Force. The Son represents the dark side of the Force, while his sister, the Daughter, represents the light. Finally, Father represents the balance between them. But Father is dying, and he needs the chosen one to help bring balance to the Force, and that’s why Anakin must be there. Each of the Jedi brought there goes through a trial of some sort. When it comes to Ahsoka, she is bitten by the dark side and has to grapple with the evil within her, as well as the evil that her master will perpetrate, and that’s at the center of her struggle in the latest episode of “Ahsoka.”

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