A Deleted Loki Season 1 Scene Would’ve Given Throg His Time To Shine

This scene was discussed by writer and producer Eric Martin in a since-deleted Twitter thread, but now you can actually see it. In the Blu-ray’s deleted scene, Mobius and Loki are watching another attempted coronation by Loki. We see a throne room with early effects and Hiddleston standing in front of the Asgardian throne, memorializing his brother Thor, who has “disappeared.” His speech explains how he’ll — humbly, of course — try his best to take his brother’s place as prince and eventually king.

He gets cheers, and smiles to himself. Then lightning strikes and what sounds like Chris Hemsworth’s voice yells out that Loki was the one who turned him into a frog in the first place. Then he uses Mjolnir to fly at Loki’s head, smashing him with it. Back at the TVA, Loki does reveal that he remembers the moment, which is impressive, considering he was hit in the head with that particular hammer. (In case you didn’t know, Thor was turned into a frog in the comics in the 1980s, then yet another person turned into a frog takes up the Throg mantle. It’s … weird.)

Throg’s face in this scene has been making me giggle to myself as I write this. It makes sense that the scene didn’t make it in, though. It’s too soon to show how weird this show ends up getting. It works better as a slower reveal because the TVA is strange enough on its own. Throg would have been a bit much that early on. Still, I’m just happy to know this scene exists in the world. Long live Throg! 

“Loki” season 1 is streaming on Disney+, and is now out on Blu-ray. Season 2 premieres on October 5, 2023.

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