50 Joel Embiid-inspired Fantasy Basketball Names to try for 2023-24 NBA season

Joel Embiid will be one of the first-round picks in almost every NBA fantasy basketball draft. The Philadelphia 76ers center puts up massive numbers and can fill out points, rebounds and block categories.

He also has a great name for puns. and the big man can inspire some great fantasy team names. Here are 50 names you can use for your team centered around Embiid:

  1. The First Joel.
  2. WebEmbiid.
  3. Trust the Process.
  4. Not Your Average Joel.
  5. Average Joels.
  6. Embiid Code.
  7. Embiids of Prey.
  8. Still Processing.
  9. Embiid’s Block Party.
  10. Philly Process Server.
  11. You’ve Got a Friend Embiid
  12. Good Embiid of the Day.
  13. The Processor.
  14. Embiid, not Words.
  15. Joel Joel Rabbit.
  16. A Good Embiid Is Never Lost.
  17. Joel College.
  18. Process of Elimination.
  19. The Process is Real, and it’s Spectacular.
  20. Yes Embiid.
  21. Philly’s Finest.
  22. A Good Embiid is its own reward.
  23. Regular Joel.
  24. No Good Embiid Goes Unpunished.
  25. Joel Six-Pack.
  26. All Your Embiid is Love.
  27. The Joelly Land.
  28. Mardi Gras Embiids.
  29. President EmBiiden.
  30. Average Joel.
  31. Embiid We Trust.
  32. Counter Biid.
  33. No Joel-king.
  34. Bracelet Embiids.
  35. Embiiding On Your Progress.
  36. Worry Embiids.
  37. Joel & Void.
  38. Hold the Joe-L.
  39. Embiid of a Nap.
  40. Work in Process.
  41. The Process.
  42. MVP.
  43. The Phantom.
  44. Jo-Jo.
  45. Do-a-180.
  46. Troel.
  47. JE-21.
  48. The Big Jayhawk.
  49. Philly Stretch.
  50. The Cameroon Colossus.

Joel Embiid’s 2023 NBA fantasy basketball season projections

Joel Embiid is a very good choice for NBA fantasy basketball. CBS Sports projects Embiid will average 43.9 fantasy points per game and he is projected to total 3,366 points this season.

The big man averaged 50.8 points per game last season and was also the league’s leading scorer. As such, Embiid had his first MVP season. It may be hard to reach those sky-high levels once again this season, but Embiid still figures to be a fantasy monster.

Joel Embiid is easily a first-round pick and some drafts may take him number two behind Nikola Jokic. Embiid has averaged more than 50 fantasy points per game in two straight seasons according to standard scoring and CBS Sports.

It could be a third year in a row as Embiid may get even more usage if James Harden is finally traded away from Philadelphia.

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