15 Dramas Like Ishq Jalebi

Ishq Jalebi is one of the first names that cross our minds whenever we talk about Pakistani TV shows, and it deserves the place. It’s an iconic drama that has a fun and beautiful insight into what Pakistani dramas are capable of.

Ishq Jalebi is a special drama filled with many instances that make the viewer applaud. The plot of the show focuses on Mohammad Boota, played by Qavi Khan, who is a sweet businessman.

His son-in-law Ashiq Hussain, played by Noor-ul-Hassan, and grand-son Basim, played by Wahaj Ali, take care of the business in his place. Boota wants to involve his sons Rafaqat, played by Mehmood Aslam, and Sadaqat, played by Kashif Mehmood, in this family business.

The two sons have left the country for their own selfish wishes. On the other hand, Basim has been inspired by his brother-in-law, and he also wants to leave the country.

But things change for the two brothers when there is a split in the business, which leads them to come back to Pakistan. What comes after is a series of realizations and drama around the characters and the story. 

Ishq Jalebi is a good all-around show. It was a huge hit and was critically acclaimed for the storyline and the onscreen performances. If you have already watched it and are looking for some other Pakistani drama to enjoy and kill time, then this list is curated for you.

In this list, we will take a look at 15 Dramas Like Ishq Jalebi. This list is a combination of old and new shows, and there is a suggestion for everyone. This list is in no particular order. Just look for your favorite show, and grab some tissue because some suggestions on this list can make you cry, too. 

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We all have heard Atif Aslam’s songs, but to see him in a show is a plus for the show. Sang-e-Mah is much more than a cluster of celebrities. The drama shows the lives of tribal families and how they’re sacrificing their traditions in modern-day Pakistan.

This is a sequel to the 2017 show Sang e Mar Mar. Sang-e-Mah takes the plot right where Sang-e-mar-mar ended. Both of the shows show the ugly truth of our society that is often ignored by the people.

Sang-e-Mah (Credits: Youtube/Hum TV)

The themes include domestic violence, patriarchy in societies, bride bribes, and honor killings. The writers made up for everything with a strong plot, and the characters left a gravitating performance.

These messages are very sensitive, and delivering them without harming the viewer’s feelings is a win for the show and its actors.


This is a light-hearted show, but when you see the painful plot of each character, it will give you a totally contrary view. The show got trending because of Junaid Khan Niazi’s and Merub’s performance as a couple.

Paristan (Credits: Youtube/Hum TV)

Their on-screen presence is loved by the fans because they’re cute and look good with each other. The plot of the drama has many tropes, but as it is a theme-based sitcom, it is always light and doesn’t feel wrong about anything else.

Each episode is filled with humor and laughs, which is always welcomed.

Dil Awaiz

Dil Awaiz’s story is a proper eye-jerking, and the plot is very similar to the shows that we all grew up watching. The plot of the show focuses on Dil Awais, the main character. She did not live with her father because of the past of her mother. She is left with her sister and stepmom, who doesn’t like her and treats her poorly.

Dil Awaiz
Dil Awaiz (Credits: Youtube/HAR PAL GEO)

As the story moves forward, she meets with Sikander and falls for him, but unfortunately for Dilawaiz, Sikander likes her stepsister and marries her. Fariya, her stepsister, runs away with her boyfriend, leaving behind Dilawaiz and the burden on her.

She has the responsibility to take care of the pride of both families by marrying a man who never wanted her in the first place. The writers have made sure to fill the plot with shocking scenes and turns. It will make you think about the society in general and what lives inside it.

Mushkil Drama

This drama’s plot is unveiled with every passing episode. It began with Sameen and Faraz’s university life and how they got into trouble. The story changes as Sameen’s fiancee leaves her. In the show, Sameen and Faraz are married, but both of them are unhappy because their marriage is forced and non-consensual.

Fin the episodes, you’ll see Faraz’s decision and body language that he is not willing to accept this marriage with Sameen. Zainab Shabbir is the villain of the show and is planning a thing or two non-stop.

Mushkil Drama
Mushkil Drama (Credits: Youtube/HAR PAL GEO)

She has selfish motives and is trying to use Sameen as a vessel for revenge. She is constantly ranting and bad-mouthing her about the mistakes that she made. The show is filled with twists and turns, so keep an eye out for new revelations with each new episode.

The cast of the show includes Zainab Shabbir, Saboor Aly, and Khushhal Khan, and all of them are filling the shoes properly with complete dedication. The plot of the show is fast and keeps the audience in total darkness for the upcoming episode.

Khuda Aur Mohabbat

Khuda aur Mohabbat is a spiritual drama that shows the story of two star-crossed lovebirds. Hammad, played by Imran Abbas, is from a rich family and is living his life lavishly when his path crosses with Imaan, played by Sadia Khan, who is a maulvi’s daughter.

Hammad falls for her at first sight and is ready to leave the family and riches just to get accepted by Imaan’s family. He finds peace and spirituality when pursuing love. But for Imaan’s father, Hammad’s efforts are countless, and he marries her someone else.

Khuda Aur Mohabbat
Khuda Aur Mohabbat (Credit: Youtube/HAR PAL GEO)

But soon after the marriage, because of grief and depression, she fell ill. The plot of this first season is continued in season second, and definitely check it out if you liked the plot. In the third season, we see a new story with fresh leads.

The third season starts with Fahad, played by Feroze Khan, and Mahi, played by Iqra Aziz. The plot of season three focuses on Mahi, a bubbly girl from an affluent family. She just wants to live her life happily but is constantly nagged by the manners of her family.

Fahad is a small-town boy who quickly falls for this jovial girl. He leaves everything for her just to get her life, but she doesn’t show the same love, and her actions are quite the opposite.

The show feels fresh because the plot and storyline are not stretched, though it may feel a bit repetitive to some viewers. The writers managed to keep everything in tandem for the viewers. Overall, it should be checked out.


Ehd e Wafa is a military drama that shows the colors of true friendship. It follows the lives of four characters who are friends and are soon going to face the challenges of life.

The show stars Ahad Raza Mir as Saad, Osman Khalid Butt as Shahzin, Ahmed Ali Akbar as Shehryar, and Wahaj Ali as Shariq in the main roles. The storylines show all of them supporting each other with whatever comes in front of them.

Ehd-e-Wafa (Credits: Youtube/Hum TV)

But at the end of their college, a fight among them leads to a rift. Saad chooses to go into the army, and the three of them choose a different path for each other.

To know what happens in the life of the four characters, definitely check out the show. All the main characters feel natural, and the show captures the essence of true friendship and what a friend is willing to do for each other.


Dunk is not some casual show, definitely not for the weak-hearted ones. The plot of the show is heavy, which will leave the viewers broken and teary.

The plot revolves around the havoc after Professor Humayun, played by Noman Ijaz, is accused of sexual harassment by Amal, played by Sana Javed, his student.

Dunk (Credits: Youtube/ARY Digital HD)

The accusations are fake, but Haider, played by Bilal Abbas Khan, who is Amal’s fiance, is not aware of that. What follows is a series of misfortunes and heartbreak so profound that someone eventually dies.

It is a good show with a tragic story shown by skilled artists, which will keep you hooked and take you on an emotional ride.

Ghissi Pitti Mohabbat

In a society where women are told to get married and after that, they’ll be fulfilled and free, what happens if none of this happens? How should one move forward in life? Is marrying someone is the only way?

The plot of the drama Ghissi Pitti Mohabbat focuses on Samiya, played by Ramsha Khan, and Rizwan, played by Wahaj Ali. They both love each other and get married without involving each other families.

Ghissi Pitti Mohabbat
Ghissi Pitti Mohabbat (Credits: Youtube/ARY Digital HD)

Rizwan’s mother and sister don’t like Ramsa, and he also leaves her for someone else. Rimasa is still confident and hopeful about life. She finds love again, but sadly, this marriage also turns out unfortunate for her.

In the show, she marries four men, but none of it works out for her. But the theme of the show is not tragic and sad; it adopts a comical approach and shows the audience that all the deeds don’t define Samiya.

She is a completely fulfilled girl who has to choose what is next for her, as marriage has definitely not worked out for her.

Mere Pass Tum Ho

In this world of greed and power, even love fails to fulfill dreams and choices. The plot of Mere Pass Tum Ho is based basically on the same theme. Mehwish, played by Ayeza Khan, is an exquisite girl who belongs to a normal middle-class family.

She gets married to Danish, played by Humayun Saeed, who loves her honestly. But she has big thoughts and expectations from her life which, sadly, Danish cannot fulfill.

Mere Pass Tum Ho
Mere Pass Tum Ho (Credit: Youtube/ARY Digital HD)

This is when the character, played by Adnan Siddiqui, comes into the story. He has a rich and charming personality and has manipulative skills, making people do what he selfishly desires.

The plot twists when Mehwish starts listening to him and leaves her family, husband, and son in pursuit of greed and money. It is a good show that shows what greedy people can do in order to get the feel of money and luxury.

Yakeen Ka Safar

Neelam Valley is one of the most beautiful places in the whole of Pakistan, and Yakeen Ka Safar has been shot there, which gives the starting reason that we needed. It is a drama that challenges the thoughts and the social norms that have been with us.

It is a tale of determination, perseverance, and courage. Zubia, played by Sajay Aly, has an abusive father who has killed her mother. Shattered, she leaves the house to study medicine and become a doctor.

Yakeen Ka Safar
Yakeen Ka Safar (Credits: Youtube/Hum TV)

Meanwhile, in another story, Asfyandar, played by Ahad Raza Mir, is broken by the death of his brother and is looking to start a hospital and help helpless people; this idea brings him peace and solace.

The path of both the characters crosses when Zubia joins as a practicing doctor. The two of them instantly click and challenge many societal norms. It is a good show that shows what people in love can do.


It’s another exciting Pakistani drama on this list that aired in 2019. It was directed by Roomi Insha and written by Imran and Sidra Sehar. The show stars Sumbul Iqbal and Ahsan Khan as the leads.

The plot revolves around a couple whose whole life is completely turned by the occurrence of unprecedented events. Both of them had their own life, tragedies, and struggles, but they never lost the vision of each other.

Fitoor (Credits: Youtube/HAR PAL GEO)

Their love was so deep and pure that they knew they could rely on each other irrespective of any happening. But when the tragedy came, both of them were lost, and everything they built was instantly destroyed.

The drama is filled with turns and more turns; with every episode, you feel a bit more for the characters. Their on-screen chemistry is good, plus the writing feels more real and authentic, thanks to all the supporting casts and backgrounds.

It has gained positive reviews from the audience and was one of the best shows in 2019.


Daam stars Fawad Khan, Ahsan Khan and Sanam Baloch. The plot of the show is based on Ajiya, a young girl who is forced to marry Wali, her cousin, who is a wealthy and powerful guy.

Both of them realize that they’re not fit for each other but have to make it work for each other sake. The show was written by Umera Ahmed and Mehreen Jabbar.

Daam (Credits: MX Player)

The show is shit in Lahore and was distributed by ARY network. It got positive reviews from critics and audiences because of the fresh approach to conventional marriage and the authentic reality of marriage in Pakistan.

The couple faces many challenges, like family hardships, financial issues, and differences in their cultures. The actors did a great job of showing the true essence of society.

Zindagi Gulzar Hai

Zindagi Gulzar Hai focuses on the life of Kashaf Murtaza. She’s a young lady who is focused on getting out of the hard, poor life by getting to the top and getting successful.

However, she regularly faces gender inequality and discrimination due to economic differences. Despite all these problems, she keeps her will strong and stays motivated, and as a result, she becomes a successful businesswoman.

In her journey for success, she meets Zaroon Junaid, a rich man, and the two of them develop a not-so-straightforward but complicated relationship. The show displays the themes of romance and love; it also highlights the class and financial differences in Pakistani culture and society.


Zindagi Gulzar Hai
Zindagi Gulzar Hai (Credits: Youtube/Hum TV)

It shows that people born into poor or backward families are at a disadvantage compared to those who are born into rich families. Moreover, the shows the vision of a woman in Pakistani society who is facing gender discrimination and biases regularly.

Rafia, Kashaf’s mother, is a strong example of the aforementioned. She’s a single mom; her husband left her with three daughters to take care of. To make it worse, she faces societal pressure not to have a son and being divorced.

You can guess how hard it is for women. Zindagi Gulzar Hai is the black-and-white between the rich and poor families in Pakistan.

The show depicts the lifestyle, traditions, and values of two different communities. All in all, it is a good show that shows many faces of the culture and reality.


The heart of this drama is a young woman named Sanam, played by Sana Javed, who is focused on getting revenge for her brother’s death, who was killed by Mir Hadi, played by Feroze Khan, son of a politician.

Her brother Sarim was an honest and upright man who was killed in a rage outburst by Mir Hadi. He is short-tempered and uses violence frequently to get what he wants.

Sanam, being completely broken by her brother’s demise, is adamant about bringing Mir Hadi to justice and making him suffer for the crimes that he committed.  It’s a fiery drama that explores the themes of revenge, betrayal, and the consequences of the actions.

Khaani (Credits: Youtube/HAR PAL GEO)

As she is on the path to finding justice, she realizes it is not that straightforward. She must explore through a web of power struggles, politicians, and corruption.

In doing so, she is constantly questioned on her morals and beliefs by making difficult decisions that not only affect her but also the people that she cares about.

Not only revenge but also explores the theme of love. The main characters of Mir and Sanam have animosity, but they find themselves drawn to each other.

Their relationship is very complicated by questioning their loyalties and events that occurred before Sarim’s death. The show portrays the idea that love can conquer hate and bring everyone together, even in the most challenging situations.

Khaani also shows the struggle of political powers in Pakistan. The show displays the brutal, corrupt, and authentic characteristics of politics that have an impact on ordinary people. It also highlights the doings and the power that these media houses have.

All of this is tied together with skilled performances by the main character. Sanam’s character is played brilliantly by Sana Javed; she manages to display determination, vulnerability, and grief with depth and authenticity.

Feroze Khana also gives a strong performance in showing the character’s anger, vulnerability, and arrogance with equal depth and authenticity. Overall, Khaani deserves watchtime. It has multiple themes in it, from politics to revenge and love, with apt writing and storytelling.


Aangan explores themes of loss, family quarrels, and love. The plot is based on the 1940 partition. The plot shows an Indian family that was divided due to the happening of a partition.

The show follows the daily lives of the family who are finding it difficult to manage the events unfolding around them. Making peace with everything around them is difficult for them, plus there are inside battles that, too, are taking a heavy toll on their mental well-being. 

Aangan (Credits: Youtube/ARY Digital HD)

The focus is on the convoluted connection of the core family members. They have to handle the rift and coldness among them while also managing the societal pressure.

The show is a star-studded affair with actors like Syed Falak, Sonya Hussain, Omair Rana, and Zaib Rehman, all of whom have performed ideally to bring their respective characters to life.

To add to the positives, it has good music and a partition angle that makes it very authentic and immersive for the audience.

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